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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 7, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the ground and president obama is deciding whether to send up to 40,000 more troops into battle. tonight the families of the fallen -- family of the fallen local soldier sat down with fox 5's will thomas. >> reporter: the family of this young soldier gave us some insight into their son, but you're also going to hear their message for president obama and any other decision makers who might be listening right now. they believe their son's life and countless others could have been spared if they got the backup equipment and manpower they need on the front lines. family members use ribbons to symbolize the loss, the bravery and the sacrifice of 21-year- old stefan mace. he grew up in loudoun county and grew into a man who loved to hunt and loved his country. the u.s. army specialist fighting the taliban on the afghanistan-pakistan border returned to u.s. soil tuesday in a flag-draped transfer case. fox 5 granted rare access to
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show you this dignified transfer at dover air force base. stefan's parents out of camera range here spoke with us at their winchester home about losing their son. >> they're standing there. they're telling you but you don't feel it until later. >> the hardest part for me is watching my husband. that's the hardest part. >> reporter: stefan was one of eight soldiers killed in northern afghanistan saturday during an eight-hour gunfight. pentagon officials say an estimated 200 taliban attacked his base camp during severe weather giving them the element of surprise. >> we're fighting a war now with all the technology that we have and we're fighting a ground war. we know where these people are. >> it's up to our government, our president d the pentagon to ensure that these men and women get what they need in order to do what they've been asked to do so that when there's a sacrifice and there
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will be, it doesn't feel like your children were left to hang out to dry. >> reporter: that's their message to presidt obama who faces critical conditions about strategy and troop deployment. >> he knew what he was getting into before it was the unknown. he was going back into the known >> reporter: stephen was last home for a visit just three weeks ago. all he wanted to do was fish like he used to as a boy. but this time his family says he seemed to know it would be his last visit home alive. stephen was right. >> knowing who he is, he gave it everything to the last breath. i don't know that it's sunk in yet. >> reporter: the mace family says some of the procedures and paperwork grieving families face in the initial hours after learning of the loss is flawed. for instance, when they were at dover air force base, they were never told some of the other grieving family members sitting right next to them were family members of some of their son's unit who were also killed in
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the very same gunfight. they would have liked to know that. >> will thomas tonight. protest or prank? vandals threw red paint outside the arms recuting center no northwest. cleanup crews had to spend the morning trying to get all the paint off the building. no word why they struck or if it was tied to the eighth anniversary of the war in afghanistan. tonight prince william county police are searching for a man who attacked two women. take a look at these sketches. police say that's the man they're after. both attacks happened yesterday within blocks of each other in manassas. fox 5's roz plater picks up the investigation. >> reporter: the warnings are going out pretty quickly throughout this community tonight. police say these kinds of stranger attacks are pretty rare, but also what's unusual here, the guy didn't try to rob the women. two attacks in the same day, two blocks apart, and it has shaken things up in this manassas community. friends are warning friends to be on guard. >> they were just letting us know to make sure we were very careful and there was two of us
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together. walking alone. it's very scary. >> reporter: 6:30 tuesday morning police say a woman was attacked on this cut-through path between the shopping center and the apartment complex in the 10900 block of coverstone drive. a man grabs her, punches her, then tries to sexually assault her but she fights him will. then 9:30 that same night another woman is getting out of her car two blocks away. her attacker punches her in the face. then tries to drag her out of the car. she fights back, too. take a look at these sketches investigators believe it isthe same guy in both assaults. he may have been wearing glasses in one attack but not the other. this man says he'll warn his wife. >> definitely beaware of your surroundings and nowhere you're going, get there and don't loiter because that's when things happen. >> reporter: just how violent with these attacks? police say the first victim wound up with broken bones. in ma nasa, i'm roz plater, fox
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5 news. a startling new development in the taxicab corruption case. d.c. councilman jim graham's chief of steph ted loza was arrested last month on bribery charges. you might know that. a published report the next day named a cooperating witness in the investigation. we've now learned that same day a man met an undercover f.b.i. agent who recorded him saying he would, quote, permanently eliminate the witness. he is one of three men believed to be behind the scheme designed to control the licensing of d.c. taxicab drivers. he's scheduled for a bond hearing in federal court tomorrow. we'll let you know. d.c.'s mayor for life still in i.c.u. tonight. >> reporter: laura evans is being treated tonight for dehydration and a mild infection. the 73-year-old councilman was admitted to howard university hospital early yesterday. you remember back in february he had a kidney transplant. hospital officials say this is not related and they're not sure how long barry will be in
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the hospital. 11 students arrested today at ballou senior high school after a fight between two crews. since the start of the school year, school administrators and police have been holding mediation sessions between the two groups of kids. police say the fight was inside the school. a tsunami scare in the south pacific. three powerful earthquakes struck a collection of nearly 200 islands. the range was 7.1 to 7.8. they did generally rate a small tsunami but all warnings are now canceled. no word yet on injuries or damage. last week another massive wave killed 178 people in the samoas and tonga. an eye opening new sting. wait till you see how easy it is for criminals to buy guns at gun shows. no questions asked. guys, looks aren't
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everything. find out why you might live longer if you marry a smart woman. but first, we are halfway through the weekend. take a look at our rundown. back in two. 
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they may have lost their jobs and more than 200 d.c. school teachers will notten silenced. during a rally the teachers union announce add lawsuit. a total of 229 teachers lost their jobs last week. the systemblames budget cuts. since the layoffs students have marched down to city hall to protest. d.c. councilman marion barry has called for an investigation by the inspector general. fallout over a book that surfaced at a high school. it is called "perks of being a flower child ." it has explicit descriptions of sex,drugs and suicide. a father complained after a teacher gave his son and a friend a book which was in the school library. the school says they took action against the teacher. won't go into specifics. the book has caused similar uproars in other schools nationwide. a new plan is in the works to fix the financial mess. this one could end up helping you buy a house. back to laura evans who has your fox 5 top five. >> it could soon be easier for
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you to get a home loan. fan any may and freddie mac are introducing a program to get independent mortgage banks short-term credit. that would give banks the money they need to make the home loans. many independent mortgage banks have cut their lending because they were unable to get funding. number four is for the bachelors. if you want to enjoy a long life, marry a highly educated woman. a new swedish study says a woman's education is a big factor in her husband's dying young. her education can influence a family's healthy lifestyle like good eating hab habits for instance. amazon is slashing $40 off the price of the e-reader. it's selling so well they can afford the cuts. number two, the airlines playing grinch around the holidays. several big airlines have added $10 surcharges for busy days around the holidays.
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we're not just talking about during the winter holiday season. we're talking easter and memorial day, too. number one tonight a disturbing report about children and violence. the new federal study says more than 60% of kids have been exposed to violence in the last year either directly or indirectly. nearly half of those surveyed say they were assaulted within the last year. 13% claim they were physically bullied. we've posted tonight's top five on our website. just go to and click on web links. the father of sarah palin's grandson is trying to cash in on his 15 minutes. coming up, his plans to pose for "playgirl." plus, the gun show loophole exposed. wait till you see howasy it is to buy a gun in some states even if you admit you're a criminal. here's a site you may see at a metro stop near you but are these new toys worth their price. what's the most annoying word to use? "whatever" tops the list according to a new nationwide poll.
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pass background checks [ inaudible ] >> reporter: this undercover video shows people buying guns at gun shows even after apparently admitting they could not pass a background check. >> the fact is even pvate sellers are prohibited by federal law to selling to anyone whom they suspect may not be able to pass that background check. >> reporter: new york city mayor michael bloomberg hired a team of 40 investigats to make the allegedly illegal purchases from may to august at a cost of $1.5 million paid by new york taxpayers. the stings happening at seven gun shows in nevada, tennessee and ohio. those states allow unlicensed private dealers known as occasional sellers to sell weapons at gun shows without conducting background checks. >> but instead what has happened is these so-called private sellers are using gun shows to run profitable businesses while criminals and traffickers are using the private sellers to buy guns
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anonymously and easily no questions asked. >> reporter: but federal law does not allow those occasional sellers to sell the guns to people they have reason to believe would fail the background check, even in states that haven't closed the loophole. >> our investigators attempted 33 buys from 30 private sellers. after hearing that the buyer probably couldn't pass a background check, they still made the sale 22 times. >> reporter: gun control advocates say the loophole make it is easier for criminals to acquire guns and prevents police from being able to trace those weapons if they're used in crimes. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. nine states and the district have passed laws to close the so-called gun show loophole. virginia is not one of them although following the massacre of virginia tech, there have been calls for the legislation. did you see it? metro's fancy new scooters. kind of like segues with a little extra wheel. metro transit police are busy learning the rules of the road. they claim the high-tech
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strikes will give them -- trykes will give them the edge in fighting crime in parking lots. the new crime fighting tool is not cheap. each one costs ten grand. metro plans to test them out for 60 days. >> i want one. looks like so much fun. put my groceries in the back, my dog in the basket up frorchg. -- up front. honk honk. i'm ready to go. >> i've drink within sue palka before. >> that's about as fast as i drive. >> get the wind out of here and we could have a nice day. >> i have a special treat for you. wait till you see the snow that's beginning to show up on radar. i know you love snow. your board is qiferring even as we -- quivering even as we speak. the strong winds just an indication that the seasons are indeed changing around here. want to touch on those strong winds we had today. 45 to 50 miles an hour including at ray dan national -- reagan national. took down a lot of tree
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limbses, leaves. had a little bit of rain, not much. now the winds are certainly much better. the strongest winds were confined to maryland. we did have gusty winds in virginia but we did not get them quite as strong as maryland maryland did. most of the wind gusts are over. still a little bit breezy where you see the green. a little bit breezy in the mountains where the winds will lighten up enough that you're going to see patchy frost tonight and a frost advisory posted for highland and pendleton county in virginia. already some 40s starting to show up. 48 in manassas. dulles 58. gaithersburg 54. annapolis 56. not as windy tonight but definitely a chilly start in the morning. so get ready for that. temperatures tonight in the west will fall in the 40s. in the mountains in the mid- 30s. in d.c. probably 49 or 50 degrees but most places will start on the chilly side east of town i think we'll find a few more places in the low 50s. annapolis your low about 48 degrees. max hd planner for tomorrow, sunny skies to start. 53 degrees. by noon we still are working
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with an awful lot of sunshine, 67 degrees. some clouds may roll in in the afternoon. we'll call it partly cloudy. i think the sun will get dimmed out just a little bit but still a real nice day. we're getting up to probably 72 or 73 degrees tomorrow. by 5:00 it willbe 71 degrees. so a real nice day but you can see on our model data here, some clouds in the backgrounds. i think a few of those cld get in here tomorrow evening. max hd futurecast is a real great tool we have here. we can show it you to exclusively here at fox 5. want to show you what it's showing for the next few days stopping it at noon tomorrow. lots of sun around the region. a sunny start to the day. i'm talking about some of the clouds that may come in tomorrow night. it will be dry. as we go on into friday, perhaps a couple of showers here and there and a slight chance friday night but want you to also see that saturday morning 8:00 a.m. we've got showers showing up on our model data. we run it through the day off and on showers throughout pawg it at 6:00 and those showers are still hanging around. so right now we're thinking saturday not going to be
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perhaps as nice as most of the rest of this week has been but we can use that rain. i know a lot of times people don't want to hear about it on the weekend. late showers friday lasting throughout most of saturday now. sunday i tink we're going to get a break in that department. it looks like it might want to get out of here but we'll keep you posted on that. more showers in the forecast monday and, yes, snow in the central plains. we'll talk more about that snowy forecast but you don't want to go anywhere. we are not done with the news en. dave feldman is coming right back. he's got your sports. when i first saw the new outback it looked so different to me. but when i got back from my first trip... ...the look was unmistakable. more room for adventure. the all-new subaru outback.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. two nights ago he was calling bingo at a senior citizens center in michigan. today he was at redskins practice as the team's new offensive consultant. sherm lewis has 22 years of n.f.l. coaching experience but has been retired since 2004. he's 67 years old and joins an offense ranked 27th out of 32 teams, an offense that has yet to score 30 points in a game since jim zorn became coach last year. vinny cerrato says the hiring is no threat to jim zorn's security but today the head coach did take exception when he was asked would he still call the plays. >> well, listen, he's not -- he's not coaching, okay. he's just -- he's here to
11:24 pm
observe ande's here to have a set of eyes. he should look at things that maybe we don't see. that's really what i want from him. >> basically the foundation of the offense stays the same. i'm familiar with that. i know -- you know, i know what routes, what they should look like. i know when routes are run right. i know when runningbacks are -- i know the basic things it takes to be successful in this offense. i'm just hoping i can add something to it carolina, a team still searching for its first win at 0-3. they're well rested. they're coming off the bye we. the skins know they'll be lying in wait for the burgundy and gold. >> having two weeks to prepare for a team and we a week, that's a big difference. we know they'll have some new wrinkles, some things they haven't shown. yeah, we kind of have to be on our toes. >> you get to look back at what you did and get a fresh start. 0-3, it's a rough start but you
11:25 pm
still have 13 games left. those guys are going to come out pumped up. they're fresh. it's going to be a tough btle. >> speaking of fresh, after several months of no budging on either side, the san francisco 49ers and wide receiver michael crabtree have agreed on a six- year deal. the tenth overall pick will reportedly receive $17 million in guaranteed money. the former texas tech star had balked at an earlier offer at five years and 20 million. good luck in the first meeting with mike singletary. hope that goes well. yankees in trouble early against the twins. game one of the alds. derek jeter changes that. a two-run shot to left and the floodgates were open. move to the fifth, ranks up 4- 2. matsui makes it 6-2. the bronx bombers living up to their nickname. they beat the twins in name one. phillys beginning defense of their 2008 crown.
11:26 pm
6th inning ryan howard going the other way. carlos gonzalez should know there's a wall out there but i think he's going -- oh, yeah, the wall was there. chase utley is going to score. phillys role in game one. the dodgers lead the cardinals 3-2. they're in the 4th inning. i'm dave feldman. brian will be back right after this. d
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looks like we've got a nice day on tap for tomorrow. thursday everything today was minus the wind. 73 degrees. friday warms up, brian. >> thank you, sue. levi johnson not ready to give up his 15 minutes of fame just yet. he already filmed this tv commercial. now he's going to bare it all for "playgirl." his lawyer says the 19-year-old is getting ready training three hours a day six nights a week. palin's people talking about the gig. he split with palin's daughter bristol after the birth of their son in december. now you have the news en. see you back here tomorrow. have a great night.


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